3D Art Commissions
Cartoon Style 3D Vtuber Model (No Furry)

Model based off design $200 ea.
Design and model $250 ea.

Includes happy, sad, laugh, and anger emotions as well as eye tracking and lip sync mouth positions.

Additional emotions or complicated body parts may increase the price of a model. (Example: wings, complicated hats, long ribbons, etc.)

Characters will be able to run in motion capture software such as VseeFace (.vrm file) or used in Unity (.fbx file)
Vroid Studio Character

Model based off design $100 ea.
Design and model $150 ea.

Accessories that are made in a different program will increase the price depending on the item and the complexity of the rigging.
(Example: wings, complicated hats, long ribbons, etc.)

Characters will be able to run in VseeFace
 (.vrm file) or used in Unity (.fbx file)
VRChat Import and Rigging for Vtubers

- VRChat upload and set up 
(characters with compatible skeleton)
 $50 ea.

- Complete VRChat rigging and set-up
(Skeleton, Weight Painting, and Rigging process)
$150 ea.

Complicated body parts may increase the price of a VRChat Import of conversion.

If you are unsure what your model is capable of, or if they are compatible with VRChat, I am happy to help you determine your starting point FREE OF CHARGE with a purchase of a VRChat conversion commission.
2D Art Commissions
Twitch Emotes
$5 ea.
Twitch Alerts
(Not Animated)
30$ ea.
Colored Chibi
$30 ea.
Line Art Chibi
$25 ea.
Lineless Chibi
$30 ea.
Please inform me if you intend to use the commissioned work for commercial project. For example, a video game, a book illustration, or a big promotional event. It may change the price of the work to an appropriate rate for the intended use.
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